Kun Zhang    Postdoctor

Education and work Experience

2004-2008 Shangqiu Normal University  Bachelor

2008-2011 Sichuan University  Master

2011-2014 Sichuan University  Doctor

2015-now Henan Normal University  Lecturer

2019-now DICP CAS Postdoctor

Research Interest

Construction and optimization of genetic manipulation platform of Pichia Pastoris

Tel: 0411-88133490  Email: kunzhanghnu(AT)

Featured Publications

1. Zhang K., Duan X.P., Cai P., Gao L.H., Wu X.Y., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*, Fusing an exonuclease with Cas9 enhances homologous recombination in Pichia pastoris, Microb. Cell Fact., 2022, 21, 182.

2. Zhang K., Lu X.X., Li Y, et al, New technologies provide more metabolic engineering strategies for bioethanol production in Zymomonas mobilis, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2019, 103(5), 2087-2099.

3. Zhang K., Chen J.C., Li Y., et al, Application progress of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in microbiological research, Microbiology China, 2018, 45(2), 451-464.

4. Li P., Zhao G.W., Zhang K., et al, Improvement of red pigment production during biomembrane surface cultivation of penicillium novaezelandiae by supplementing with corn straw, Bioresources, 2017, 12(4), 7680-7691.

5. Jiang X.B., Yu T., Liu L., Li Y., Zhang K., Wang H.L., Shi L., Examination of quaternary ammonium compound resistance in proteus mirabilis isolated from cooked meat products in China, Front. Microbiol., 2017, 8, 2417.

6. Li Y., Liu L., Xu Y.T., Li P., Zhang K., Jiang X.B., Zheng T.L., Wang H.L., Stress of algicidal substances from a bacterium Exiguobacterium sp.h10 on Microcystis aeruginosa, Lett. Appl. Microbiol., 2016, 64(1), 57-65.

7. Li Y., Xu Y.T., Liu L., Jiang X.B., Zhang K., Zheng T.L., Wang H.L., First evidence of bioflocculant from Shinella albuswith flocculation activity on harvesting of Chlorella vulgaris biomass, Bioresource Technol., 2016, 218, 807-815.

8. Chen Y.H., Cao Q.H., Tao X., Shao H.H., Zhang K., Zhang Y.Z., Tan X.M., Analysis of de novo sequencing and transcriptome assembly and lignocellulolytic enzymes gene expression of Coriolopsis gallica HTC, Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 2016, 1-9.

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