Wei Yu    Doctoral candidate

Education and work Experience

2011-2015 Qilu University of Technology  Bachelor 

2015-2018 Jiangnan University  Master

2018-2019 DICP CAS  Research Assistant

2019-Now  DICP CAS  Doctoral candidate

Research Interest

Methanol transformation in Ogataea polymorpha

Tel0411-88133490  Email

Featured Publications

1. Yu W., Xie G. F., Wu D. H., Li X. M.*, Lu J.*, A Lactobacillus brevis strain with citrulline re-uptake activity for citrulline and ethyl carbamate control during Chinese rice wine fermentation, Food Biosci., 2020, 36, 100612.

2. Yang S., Cao X., Yu W., Li S., Zhou Y. J.*, Efficient targeted mutation of genomic essential genes in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Appl. Microbial. Biotechnol., 2020, 104, 3037-3047.

3. Yu W., Li X. M., Lu J.*, Xiu G. F., Citrulline production by lactic acid bacteria in Chinese rice wine, J. Inst. Brewing, 2018, 124(1), 85-90.

4. Yu W., Gao J. Q., Zhou Y. J. *, Application of proteomics and metabolomics in microbial metabolic engineering, Chin. J. Chrom., 2019, 37(8), 798-805.

5. Liu X. H., Li X. M., Yu W., Wu D. H., Lu J. *, Identification of a putative citrulline transporter in Lactobacillus brevis 2-34, Microbiology China, 2019, 46(9), 2249-2257.


1. Li X.M., Lu J., Yu W., Cai G.L., Lactobacillus breviscapable of efficiently utilizing citrulline and application thereof, No. ZL201710254031.3