Name of instrument:

Flow Cell Sorter





Features: SH800S flow cytometer is a fully automated instrument: 1. fully automatic sorting chip loading and positioning; 2. fully automatic optical path calibration; 3. fully automatic droplet breakpoint optimization; 4. fully automatic side liquid Flow calibration; 5. Fully automatic droplet delay calculation; 5. Fully automatic flow sorting monitoring. Integrated four lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nnm and 638nm) and six detection channels (450 / 50nm, 525 / 50nm, 600 / 60nm, 665 / 30nm, 720 / 60nm and 785 / 60nm) can be flexibly combined to detect multiple fluorescent signals simultaneously . It supports 7-level sorting settings from ultra-pure to high recovery rates, and single-cell collection mode. It also supports dual-tube sorting and 96-well plate sorting. Cells with a cell diameter range of 0.2-50 microns can be sorted.

Application: Microbiology: Genomics and metagenomics, identification and isolation of marine microorganisms, identification and isolation of environmental microorganisms; genetics and molecular biology: gene expression and regulation, qualitative and quantitative detection of reporter genes, chromosome analysis and isolation, ligand index enhancement system Evolutionary technology (SELEX); basic cell life activities: cell proliferation, apoptosis and senescence, cell cycle, cell activity, enzyme activity; immunology: identification of immune cell subtypes, expression of cell surface and intracellular antigens, intracellular cytokines, Cell therapy monitoring; tumor biology: cancer stem cells, tumor immunity, circulating tumor stem cells, cancer single cell omics; stem cell biology: haploid embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, adult stem cells, cell transplantation.