Name of instrument:

High-Throughput Clone Picking System





Features: ROTOR high-throughput clone selection system is a system for rapid colony analysis and selection. Including PHEN BOOTH flat imaging system, ROTOR robot arm host, SERIAL FILLER automatic flip machine is composed of three parts. The imaging system can take pictures of the colonies on the plate and analyze the colony size, color, fluorescence and other information. It can automatically or manually generate target colonies, generate target colony files, and send them to the ROTOR robot arm host for colony selection. The ROTOR robot arm is equipped with a single-needle robotic head and a flat-bottom robotic head, which are respectively used for picking up monoclonal or direct polyclonal replication and transfer. Can perform liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, solid-liquid, solid-solid and many other operations. Liquid plates support 96 wells and 384 wells, solid plates support 96, 384, 1536, 6144 and other densities.


1. Replication screening: library replication backup, yeast one / two-hybrid, SGA analysis, drug target discovery, fluorescence screening, random mutation screening, etc.

2. Library construction, target strain sorting, phage display, synthetic biology, directed evolution of enzymes, strain transformation, metagenomics, etc.