Name of instrument:

High Throughput Cell Culture and Activity Analysis System




Biomek i7

Features: The high-throughput cell culture and activity analysis system is a fully automated instrument that integrates a microplate reader, incubator, centrifuge, plate washer, and consumable stack based on the Biomek i7 pipette workstation. The main features are:

1. 96-channel pipette (maximum 96-channel pipette)

2. 8-channel single-channel pipette (similar to 8-channel pipette, can also be used in a single channel)

3. Microplate reader (Abs: 200-1000 nm FL Ex: 250-850 nm FL Em: 250-850 nm)

4. Automatic plate washing machine (mainly used for the process similar to ELDA (Enzyme-linked Immunoassay)

5. Plate centrifuge (for ordinary shallow 96-well and deep 96-well plates)

6. Plate incubator (for ordinary shallow 96-well and deep 96-well plates, 4 ~ 50 ℃)

7. Consumable sample stack (for placing consumables, samples, reagents, etc.)

Application: Automated liquid culture of microbial cells; high-throughput microbial product activity screening; high-throughput AMPure magnetic beads purification; high-throughput enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; high-throughput enzyme-linked reaction; high-throughput heat shock transformation; Automatic inoculation culture; high-throughput plasmid extraction; high-throughput protein extraction.