Name of instrument:

Parallel Bioreactor Systems





Features: DASGIP parallel biological reaction system is a parallel reaction system that integrates eight 1L reaction fermentation systems. It can control eight sets of reactors to achieve parallel biological reactions at the same time. The main indicators are: 1. Temperature control: Each tank can be controlled independently or simultaneously. Temperature, range cooling water temperature + 5 ℃ -99 ℃, temperature control accuracy: +/- 0, 1 ℃; 2. Stirring control: top directly connected stirring, speed 100-1600rpm, control accuracy: +/- 1rpm, PID control can be Cascade with DO or other parameters; 3. Peristaltic pump: the pump speed can be adjusted manually or automatically controlled by the sensor, or programmable control, the pump head can be forward and reverse, the flow rate range: 0.3 ~ 420ml / h; 4. pH control: Control range 2.00-12.00, PID feedback control peristaltic pump with acid or alkali, cascade control with other parameters, pH correction can be adjusted at the same time; 5. Dissolved oxygen (DO) control: display range 0-100%, control / display Accuracy: +/- 0.1%; 6. Ventilation ratio control, which can control the proportion of gas to be passed in; 7. Analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in exhaust gas.

Application: Small-scale experiment of microbial fermentation; parallel comparison of multiple conditions of microbial fermentation; comparison of induced expression of microorganisms; exploration of microbial fermentation conditions.