Name of instrument:

50L-500L Fermentation System




GUJS 50-500 C

Working principle: Use mechanical agitation to make the materials flow axially and radially, so that the materials in the tank are well mixed, and the solid bacteria in the liquid remain suspended, which is conducive to the full contact of bacteria and nutrients and facilitates nutrient absorption; on the other hand, it can Break air bubbles, increase the gas-liquid contact area, increase the mass transfer rate between gas and liquid, enhance the oxygen transfer effect and eliminate foam. The tank jacket electromagnetic temperature control system can keep the fermentation temperature in the tank constant and maintain the optimal temperature for the growth of bacteria. At the same time, sterile air is needed to maintain bacterial oxygen. Provide an optimal nutrition, pH, temperature, and oxygen supply for the growth of the bacteria, so that the bacteria can grow quickly, multiply rapidly, and reach a certain number of bacteria in a short time to complete a fermentation cycle.

Application: It is widely used in food, antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, edible fungi, microecological preparations, vaccine culture and other fields. It is an ideal equipment for fermentation and cultivation industries.