Yunxia Li    Associate Professor

Education and Work Experience

2006-2010 AnShan normal university  Bachelor

2010-2013 Dalian Ocean university  Master

2013-2018 Liaoning international travel health care center Laboratory  Technician

2018-2023 DICP CAS  Research Assistant

2023-Now  DICP CAS  Associate Professor

Research Interest

Yeast cell factory construction and methanol biotransformation

Tel: 0411-88133490  Email:

 Featured Publications

1. Li Y.X., Zhai X.X., Yu W., Feng D., Shah A.A.,  Gao J.Q.*, Zhou Y.J.*, Production of free fatty acids from various carbon sources by Ogataea polymorpha, Bioresour. Bioprocess., 2022, 9, 78.

2. Gao J.Q., Li Y.X., Yu W., Zhou Y.J.*, Rescuing yeast from cell death enables overproduction of fatty acids from sole methanol, Nat. Metab., 2022,4, 932-943.

3. Cai P., Li Y.X., Zhai X.X., Yao L., Ma X.J., Jia L.Y., Zhou Y.J.*, Microbial synthesis of long‑chain α‑alkenes from methanol by engineering Pichia pastoris, Bioresour. Bioprocess., 2022, 9, 58.