Qian Wang     Senior Engineer

Education and Working Experience

2000-2004   Dalian Polytechnic University   Bachelor

2004-2007   Dalian Polytechnic University   Master

2007-2022   DICP CAS    Engineer 

2019-Now    Dalian Polytechnic University   Doctor

2022-Now    DICP CAS   Senior Engineer

Research Interest

Yeast cell factory construction and methanol biotransformation

Tel: 0411-84379066    Email:

Featured Publications

1. 王倩,俞志敏,杨帆*,李宪臻, 黄原胶寡糖的制备、分离及表征研究进展, 微生物学杂志, 2024,已接收。

2. Liu W.M., Zhang L.W., Li M., Wang Q., Gu J.Y., Chen X.Y., Guo X.Y., Yu Z.M., Li X.Z., Wang S.*, Yang F.*, Diluted aqueous ionic liquid assists the acidic oxidative hydrolysis of water-soluble recalcitrant polysaccharide xanthan through structural deterioration, Green Chemistry,  2023, 25, 5679-5691.

3. Zhao J.J.#, Wang Q.#, Ni X., Shen S.N., Nan C.C., Li X.Z., Chen X.Y.*, Yang F.*, Dissecting the essential role of N‑glycosylation in catalytic performance of xanthan lyase, Bioresour. Bioprocess., 2022, 9, 129.

4. Zhang Y., Kamal R., Li Q., Yu X., Wang Q.*, Zhao Z.K., Fatty Acid Compositional Profiles of Rhodotorula toruloides Haploid and Diploid Strains under Various Storage Conditions, Fermentation, 2022, 8, 467.

5. Wang X.Y., Feng Y.B., Guo X.J., Wang Q., Ning S.Y., Li Q., Wang J.T., Wang L., Zhao Z.K.*, Creating enzymes and self-sufficient cells for biosynthesis of the non-natural cofactor nicotinamide cytosine dinucleotide, Nat. Commun., 2021, 12(1), 2116.

6. Guo X.J., Liu Y.X., Wang Q., Wang X.Y., Li Q., Liu W.J., Zhao Z.K.*, “Non-natural cofactor and formate-driven reductive carboxylation of pyruvate, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2020, 59(8), 3143–3146.

7. Wang L., Ji D.B., Liu Y.X., Wang Q., Wang X.Y., Zhou Y.J., Zhang Y.X., Liu W.J.*, Zhao Z.K.*, Synthetic Cofactor-Linked Metabolic Circuits for Selective Energy Transfer, ACS Catal., 2017, 7(3), 1977–1983.

8. Gong Z.W., Wang Q., Shen H.W., Xie H.B., Zhao Z.K.*, Conversion of biomass-derived oligosaccharides into lipids, Biotechnol. Biofuels, 2014, 7, 13.

9. Zhang Z.H., Wang Q., Xie H.B.*, Liu W.J., Zhao Z.K.*, Catalytic conversion of carbohydrates into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by Germanium(IV) chloride in ionic liquids, ChemSusChem, 2011, 4(1), 131–138.

10. Li C.Z., Wang Q., Zhao Z.K.*, Acid in ionic liquid: An efficient system for hydrolysis of lignocellulose, Green Chem., 2008, 10(2), 177–182.