Song Yang    Postdoctor

Education and work Experience

2011-2015 Liaoning Normal University  Bachelor 

2015-2018 Northeast Normal University  Master

2018-2022 Northeast Normal University  Doctor

2023-now   DICP CAS  Postdoctor

Research Interest

Metabolic engineering of Ogataea polymorpha

Tel0411-88133490  Email

Featured Publications

1. Yang S., Wang N., Kimani S., Li Y.Q., Bao T.T., Ning G.G., Li L.F., Liu B., Wang L.*, Gao X.*, Characterization of Terpene Synthase Variation in Flowers of Wild Aquilegia Species from Northeastern Asia, Hortic. Res., 2022, 9, 1-16.

2. Shan X.T.#, Li Y.Q.#, Yang S.,Yang Z.Z., Qiu M., Gao R.F., Han T.T., Meng X.Y., Xu Z.Y., Wang L.*, Gao X. *, The spatio-temporal biosynthesis of floral flavonols is controlled by differential phylogenetic MYB regulators in Freesia hybrida, New Phytol., 2020, 228, 1864-1879.

3. Bao T.T.#, Shadrack K.#, Yang S., Xue X.X., Li S.Y., Wang N., Wang Q.Y., Wang L. *, Gao X.*, Cronk Q., Functional Characterization of Terpene Synthases Accounting for the Volatilized-Terpene Heterogeneity in Lathyrus odoratus Cultivar Flowers, Plant Cell Physiol., 2020, 61, 1733-1749.