Sijia Kong    Doctoral candidate

Education Experience

2013-2017 Gannan Normal University  Bachelor

2017-2020 Gannan Normal University  Master

2020-Now  DICP CAS  Doctoral candidate

Research Interest

Methanol transformation


Featured Publications

1. Kong S. J., Fu X., Li X., Pan H.*, Guo D. Y.*, De novo biosynthesis of linalool from glucose in engineered Escherichia coli, Enzyme Microb. Tech., 2020, 140, 109614.

2. Kong S. J., Zhang J. B., Li X., Pan H., Guo D. Y.*, De novo biosynthesis of Indole-3-ethanol and Indole-3-ethanol acetate in engineered Escherichia coli, Biochem. Eng. J., 2020, 154, 107432.

3. Kong S. J., Pan H., Liu X. Y., Li X., Guo D. Y.*, De novo biosynthesis of 2-Phenylethanol in engineered Pichia pastoris, Enzyme Microb. Tech., 2020, 133, 109459.

4. Guo D. Y.*, Kong S. J., Chu X., Li X., Pan H., De novo biosynthesis of Indole-3-acetic acid in engineered Escherichia coli, J. Agr. Food Chem., 2019, 67, 8186-8190.

5. Guo D. Y.*, Kong S. J., Zhang L. H., Li X., Pan H.*, Biosynthesis of advanced biofuel farnesyl acetate using engineered Escherichia coli, Bioresource Technol., 2018, 269, 577-580.