Xingpeng Duan   

Education Experience

2002-2006 Shenyang Agricultural University  Bachelor

2007-2010 Shenyang Agricultural University  Master

2008-2010 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Co-education

2010-2016 Shanghai Jiao Tong University  Doctor

2017-2021 DICP CAS  Postdoctor

Research Interest

Construction of efficient transformation platform for methylotrophic yeast and methanol bioconversion study

Featured Publications

1. Zhang K., Duan X.P., Cai P.,Gao L.H., Wu X.Y., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*, Fusing an exonuclease with Cas9 enhances homologous recombination in Pichia pastoris, Microb. Cell Fact., 2022, 21, 182.

2. Cai P.#, Duan X.P.#, Wu X.Y., Gao L.H., Ye M., Zhou Y.J.*, Recombination machinery engineering facilitates metabolic engineering of the industrial yeast Pichia Pastoris, Nucleic Acids Res., 2021, 49(13), 7791-7805.

3. Duan X.P., Ma X.J., Li S.Y., Zhou Y.J. *, Free fatty acids promote transformation efficiency of yeast, FEMS Yeast Res., 2019, 19, foz069.

4. Duan X.P., Gao J.Q., Zhou Y.J.*, Advances in engineering methylotrophic yeast for biosynthesis of valuable chemicals from methanol, Chin. Chem. Lett., 2018, 29, 681-686.

5. Duan X.P., Zhang Z.D., Wang J., Zuo K.J.*, Characterization of a Novel Cotton Subtilase Gene GbSBT1 in Response to Extracellular Stimulations and Its Role in Verticillium Resistance, Plos One, 2016, 11(4), e0153988.

Current position

Liaoning Normal University