Chunxiao Yan

Education Experience

2015-2019 Shanxi Agricultural University Bachelor

2019-2022 DICP CAS and Dalian Polytechnic University Joint Master

Research Interest

Optimization of fatty acid fermentation conditions for Hansenula polymorpha

Featured Publications

1.Yan C.X.,Yu W., Yao L., Guo X.Y., Zhou Y.J., Gao J.Q.*, Expanding the promoter toolbox for metabolic engineering of methylotrophic yeasts,Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2022, 106(9-10), 3449-3464.

2.Yan C.X., Yu W., Zhai X.X., Yao L., Guo X.Y.*, Gao J.Q.*, Zhou Y.J., Characterizing and engineering promoters for metabolic engineering ofOgataea polymorpha,Synth. Syst. Biotechnol.,2022, 7, 498-505.

Current position

Nanjing Normal University (PhD candidate)