2020 Annual summary meeting was held (2021-01-30)


On January 30th, our group’s year-end summary meeting of 2020 was held at the DICP conference center. 19 members gave talks to show the progress of 2020. Prof. Yongjin Zhou summed up the achievements in last year and new targets for 2021, also gave some tips for the future work.



At the award ceremony, Prof. Zhou gave the publication awards to the members who published papers in 2020.

Afterwards, we held a farewell ceremony for postdoctor Xingpeng Duan and guest graduate student Dao Feng. Prof. Zhou send gifts to them and expressed best wishes.


Finally, we held a birthday party for the members who had birthdays this month. Happy Birthday to them and Happy New Year to everyone. (Text and Image by Yunxia Li)