Peng Cai    Postdoctor

Education Experience

2007-2011 Nanjing Forestry University  Bachelor

2011-2014 Nanjing Forestry University  Master

2014-2017 Shanghai Jiaotong University  Doctoral candidate

2017-2018 Zhejiang University  Research assistant

2018-2022 DICP CAS and Dalian University of Technology  Joint Doctor

2022-now  DICP CAS Postdoctor

Research Interest

Efficient bioconversion of methanol and development of yeast synthesis biology methods


Featured Publications

1. Wu X.Y., Cai P., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*, Genetic tools for metabolic engineering of Pichia pastoris, Eng. Microbiol., 2023, 3, 100094.

2. Qiao S.J., Bai F., Cai P., Zhou Y.J., Yao L.*, An improved CRISPRi system in Pichia pastoris, Synth. Syst. Biotechnol., 2023, 8, 479-485.

3. Wu X.Y., Cai P., Gao L.H., Li Y.X., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*,  Efficient bioproduction of 3‑hydroxypropionic acid from methanol by a synthetic yeast cell factory, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2023, 11, 6445-6453.

4. Cai P., Wu X.Y., Deng J., Gao L.H., Shen Y.W., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*, Methanol biotransformation toward high-level production of fatty acid derivatives by engineering the industrial yeast Pichia pastoris, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2022, 119(29), e2201711119.

5. Cai P., Li Y.X., Zhai X.X., Yao L., Ma X.J., Jia L.Y., Zhou Y.J.*, Microbial synthesis of long‑chain α‑alkenes from methanol by engineering Pichia pastoris, Bioresour. Bioprocess., 2022, 9, 58. (Featured article)

6. Zhang K., Duan X.P., Cai P.Gao L.H., Wu X.Y., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*, Fusing an exonuclease with Cas9 enhances homologous recombination in Pichia pastoris, Microb. Cell Fact., 2022, 21, 182.

7. Cai P.#, Duan X.P.#, Wu X.Y., Gao L.H., Ye M., Zhou Y.J.*, Recombination machinery engineering facilitates metabolic engineering of the industrial yeast Pichia Pastoris, Nucleic Acids Res., 2021, 49(13), 7791-7805.

8. Cai P., Gao J.Q., Zhou Y.J.*, CRISPR-mediated genome editing in non-conventional yeasts for biotechnological applications, Microb. Cell Fact., 2019, 18, 63.