Linhui Gao  PhD candidate

Education Experience

2012-2016 Capital Medical University  Bachelor

2016-2019 Capital Medical University  Master

2019-Now DICP CAS  PhD candidate

Research Interest

Bioconversion of methanol

Tel0411-88133490  Email

Featured Publications

1. Wu X.Y., Cai P., Gao L.H., Li Y.X., Yao L., Zhou Y.J.*,  Efficient bioproduction of 3‑hydroxypropionic acid from methanol by a synthetic yeast cell factory, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2023, 11, 6445-6453.

2. Hou R., Gao L.H., Liu J.H., Liang Z., Zhou Y.J.*, Zhang L.H.*, Zhang Y.K., Comparative proteomics analysis of Pichia pastoris cultivating in glucose and methanol,  Synth. Syst. Biotechnol., 2022, 7, 862-868.  

3. Gao L.H., Cai P., Zhou Y.J.*, Advances in metabolic engineering of methylotrophic yeast, Chin. J. Biotechnol., 2021, 37(3), 966-979. (in Chinese)

4. Su P.#, Gao L.H.#, Tong Y.R., Guan H.Y., Liu S., Zhang Y.F., Zhao Y.J., Wang J.D., Hu T.Y., Tu L.C., Zhou J.W., Ma B.W., Huang L.Q.*, Gao W.*, Analysis of the role of geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase 8 fromTripterygium wilfordii in diterpenoids biosynthesis, Plant SCI., 2019, 285, 184-192.

5. Su P.#, Gao L.H.#, Liu S., Guan H.Y., Wang J., Zhang Y.F., Zhao Y.J., Hu T.Y., Tu L.C., Zhou J.W., Ma B.W., Liu X.H., Huang L.Q.*, Gao W.*, Probing the function of protein FTase in Tripterygium wilfordii, Plant Cell Rep., 2018, 38(2), 211-220.

6. Gao L.H., Su P., Zhang Y.F., Zhao Y.J ., Hu T.Y., Zhou J.W., Ma B.W., Gao W.*, Huang L.Q.*, Cloning and expression analysis of two dehydrodolichyl diphosphate synthase genes from Tripterygium wilfordii, World J. Tradit. Chin. Med., 2018, 4(1), 15-20.

7. Gao L.H., Yin Y., Li J., Yuan Y., Jiang C., Gao W., Zhang X.N.*, Huang L.Q.*, Identification of traditional Chinese medicinal pipefish and exclusion of common adulterants by multiplex PCR based on 12S sequences of specific alleles, Mitochondrial DNA A, 2017, 29(3), 1-7.