Postdoctoral and graduate students

Master and Doctoral candidates: Welcome join us if you are interested in Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics and Enzyme Engineering. You can join us through a summer camp or the national entrance examination for postgraduate. Subsidy is 3,500-4,000 CNY per month for the master's degree period and average 6,000 CNY per month for PhD period. Multiple scholarships from government and The Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) are available plus the normal subsidy. 

PhD Candidates: PhD candidates will have a background in Biochemical Engineering, Metabolic Engineering or Synthetic Biology. The DICP has adopted the application-interview system since 2018. If you are interested in application, please contact us for more information to increase the admission probability. At present, the average doctor's subsidy is 6,000 CNY per month.

Postdoctoral fellows: The research group provides well-equipped laboratory facilities and high-quality logistic support. The annual salary is over 250,000 CNY after taxes. The outstanding candidates can apply for the outstanding post-doctoral scholarship of 100,000-300,000 CNY from the DICP, and 300,000 CNY from National Postdoctoral Program. We also welcome young teachers or lecturers from other universities working as a full-time postdoctor (no need to transfer personnel files), with an annual salary of more than 220,000 CNY after taxes.


We are recruiting Assistant Professors or Research Assistants. The annual salary of PhD graduates can reach 200,000 CNY. The outstanding PhD graduates can obtain a housing subsidy of 500,000 CNY. The annual salary of master graduates is 100,000 CNY, with the provident fund up to 40% of the total salary. Especially, excellent candidates can directly apply for the DICP Talented Program as Associate Professor. Please contact us for more information.