Our Group visited Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany


From October 8th to 15th, at the invitation of Prof. Martin Grininger, our group visited the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany to discuss the progress of the Sino-German Mobility Program, that support by NSFC and DFG. During this visit, we deeply discussed the challenges and solutions in engineering the synthesis of fatty acids and alcohols with various chain lengths from methanol.

On October 13th, Prof. Yongjin Zhou was invited to give a report on "Engineering yeasts for methanol based biomanufacturing" at the Goethe University Frankfurt, sharing our progress in engineering yeast cell factories to utilize methanol toward synthesizing bulk chemicals and fine chemicals. The Group members Dr. Jiaoqi Gao, Peng Cai, and PhD candidates Linfeng Xie, Yiwei Shen and Xiaoxin Zhai attended this visiting and learned enzyme engineering techniques from Prof. Grininger’s lab. (Text by Yiwei Shen, Image by Martin Grininger & Yiwei Shen)