Prof. Yongjin Zhou was honored the Agilent ACT-UR Award


On January 15, the award ceremony for the "Applications and Core Technology University Research Project (ACT-UR) of Agilent " was held in DICP. Prof. Yongjin Zhou was honored to receive this award. Several members from the Science and Technology Cooperation Department of DICP, Agilent Application Development Team and our group attended the ceremony, delivering impressive presentations and in-depth discussion.


At this ceremony, Prof. Chen Zhang, the director of Science and Technology Cooperation Department, delivered the welcome speech and expressed the acknowledgement to Agilent for the supporting synthetic biology research at DICP. Prof. Yongjin Zhou introduced the research progress of our group about constructing yeast cell factories for the synthesis of bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, and natural products. Science and Technology Cooperation Department of DICP gave a detailed overview of the technological achievements, industrial technological requirements, technology transfer, and industrialization processes of DICP. Dr. Xiaorong Ran of Agilent Application Development Team, gave an overview of Agilent's comprehensive solutions for synthetic biology.

The Applications and Core Technology - University Research (ACT-UR) project, initiated by Agilent's University Relations Department, is part of a long-standing series of charitable research donation. This project aims to establish professional connections with global researchers in cutting-edge technological fields and collaboratively develop scientific research methods to address significant scientific challenges. Currently, Agilent supports scientists' research explorations at several top universities and research institutions in China. This ACT-UR project is designed to support Prof. Yongjin Zhou in the field of synthetic biology, focusing on "A novel biosynthetic pathway construction for poly-lactic with multi omics and flux analysis strategy". (Text by Qian Wang, Image by Yunxia Li)